Here is my latest project, “VRGO Likes Samples Vol. 1”. Each song is a different personal favorite of mine. I just decided to do something fun with sampling and release it to you all. Enjoy.

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New Music Soon.

So I plan on rereleasing my first project, “A Collection Of…” with some new additions and what not. After that, I plan to release an “all samples” project featuring samples from songs I like. Finally, I will be releasing a project after that featuring all original production. 

So yeah, thats whats good with new music. stay tuned and thank you so much. 

Here is a song I am featured on from my good friend Shops new album, After Dusk, entitled “Wake Up”. I lightweight go in so you should listen. Go peep After Dusk in its entirety.

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FEELS is the sophomore solo project of music producer Tony West aka VRGO. This project features 14 songs and features the elegant and talented Cecelia, from the band Moonrags, on 3 of them. Emulating various artists that I enjoy learning from, I set out to create music like they were creating: from the heart. Thus I began my journey. My journey of myself and finding out what has shaped me into who I am today. I also made up stories based on questions that I have wondered about as well. All in all, I wanted to capture different feelings. After all, we all feel a thousand emotions a day. So why not express and accept them all. You’re not weird. You’re human.

These songs are not only an inside look into my mind, but also my art that I have been dying to share with you all.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy.






P.S. The inspiration for the cover was none really….I just wanted to look like I was chillen in the snow like it was no problem. Accomplished.

My latest project, entitled “The Zodiac EP” is available now.
All songs written by me.
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All songs produced by Byron, The Aquarius. (You can follow him at aquariusisthefuture on here, or @Aquariusmusiq on Twitter.)
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I hope you all will enjoy it. :-)

Stay tuned for all future projects. A lot more news to come.